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Coaches Corner

Coaching Requirements and Information

SAHA coaches are required to follow all USAH and Minnesota Hockey coaching requirements. See the 'Coaching Checklist' document on this page for all information. This document walks you through the 7 steps needed to complete your certification prior to stepping foot on the ice for the current season.


Contact for Coaching Certifications and Roster Questions

Jeanette Geisbauer

Phone: 6129782901

NOT ALLOWED | Non-Rostered Players on Ice

Absolutely NO non-rostered players are allowed on the ice or bench (this includes younger/older siblings), for any reason, unless that player is a STUDENT COACH who is approved and listed on the team's roster. 

This is a direct mandate by MN/USA Hockey and a major liability concern.  Non-rostered players are not covered while on the ice/bench under the USA Hockey liability insurance.  This policy must be strictly followed by SAHA and it's coaches.

Rules and regulations for using a Student Coach:

SAHA appreciates the time and commitment that all of our coaches give to the program and do not want to make our hockey lives any more difficult, but we need to adhere to the rules regarding kids on the ice.

For consistency and fairness to all members we must enforce the student coach rules from USA and Minnesota Hockey.   A player between the ages of 13 and 17 who is currently properly registered with USA Hockey may serve as a student coach under the following conditions:

  • Must attend a training session conducted by the local hockey association.
  • Must always be under the supervision of a carded, screened adult coach during all practices, clinics, try-outs, and in the locker room.
  • May help out at practices, clinics, try-outs only. (May not play during scrimmages or games).
  • May not act as the head coach or assistant coach during practices or games.
  • Must wear a helmet with full face shield, gloves, and skates while on the ice. Must wear helmet during games while on the bench.
  • May only work with players at least one full playing age level down.
  • The organization that is using the student coach must provide a form indicating on what team he/she is participating as a student coach, and, if applicable, what team he/she is properly registered/rostered as a player.
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, the student coach must comply with all USA Hockey coaching and screening rules and regulations.

In addition all student coaches who meet the above criteria must be listed on the team roster for which they are a student coach.

Anyone who does not meet these criteria will not be allowed to skate, demonstrate drills or otherwise help coach any team on which they are not rostered.

Student Coaches

SAHA supports the use of student coaches on our youth teams. 

USA Hockey Guidelines | Student Coaches

  •  A Student Coach must be between the ages of 13 - 17 years old and currently registered through USA Hockey.
  • Student Coaches may only work with players at least ONE full playing age level down (i.e. PW age player may be a Student Coach at the Squirt or Mite level.) 
  • Must complete the USA Hockey Student Coach Information (provided below).   

If you are interested in having a Student Coach work with your team, please submit the required FORM and required signatures to Jeanette Geisbauer. The student coach MUST be an USAH approved coach on your official team roster.