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2018-2019 Goalie Fees and Training Information

Goalies: Mite/U8

  • All Mite/U8 goalies will pay same fees as skaters.
  • SAHA will provide all goalie equipment to each Mite/U8 teams for use during hockey season.
  • The Goalie Equipment Team Bag will be assigned to each Mite/U8 coach who will be responsible for the equipment.
  • SAHA will provide group Goalie Training Sessions during the 2016-2017 hockey season to all Mite/U8 goalies interested.
  • SAHA will NOT reimburse goalie equipment or individual training sessions.

 Goalies: Squirt/U10 & above

  • Squirt/U10 and above will pay 75% of skater fees. Older groups will not be discounted
  • SAHA will NOT reimburse goalie equipment and training sessions for goalies.
  • SAHA will provide Goalie/Coach Training during the 2018-2019 hockey season.

SAHA DOES have goalie equipment that is available for use.  Goalies can check out the equipment and use during the regular hockey season. Equipment is LIMITED

QUESTIONS?  Please email Chris Salazar.

    2018-2019 Goalie Training

    On-Ice Group Goalie Training Clinics
    Squirts/U10 and Older

    To help our goalies improve their skills, SAHA has again invested into the Goalie Development Program, led by Justin Johnson and his staff (Mega Goaltending).  One aspect of our goalie program is on-ice group goalie training sessions during our PDP (Player Development Program).  In past seasons there have been 4 on-ice team training clinics.  Due to the overwhelming response in these sessions, we have contracted MEGA to be at every hour of our PDP sessions. The clinics are progressive in terms that they build on each other throughout the year. Also in past years we introduced large group clinics. One in November and the other in February. This year we have increased those sessions to 4 large group sessions. These sessions are a great way for all the goalies to get together and learn from professional goalie trainers. Below you will find those dates and times.

    Boys and Girls Traveling Goalie Groups Sessions



    Times below are for ALL Dates.

    U10 / Squirts 5:45pm - 6:45pm Lily Lake

    U12 / Peewee 6:55pm - 7:55pm Lily Lake

    U15 / Bantams 8:05pm - 9:05pm Lily Lake

    Intro to Goaltending Clinics 
    U8 Girls & Mite Boys

    Justin Johnson and his instructors from Mega Goaltending will conduct on-ice clinics for U8 and Mite players in the levels 2 and 3  interested in becoming a goalie. These clinics will serve as a great resource to make goaltending a desired position within the Association. Before the session an in locker room seminar to the parents and goalies will be given.

     Topics discussed will include: 

    • How to put on goalie gear
    • Goaltending psychology
    • Sharing stories from Justin & his staff about their careers to inspire young goalies to be excited about the position.

    Once again SAHA will provide equipment. Equipment is limited.

    Please have your goalie there 1hour prior to the start of the sessions..

    Mites Clinics




    Chris Salazar

    Goalie Coordinator

    Phone: 651-353-6213

    MEGA Goaltending

    SAHA Goaltending Partner

    MEGA Goaltending

    MEGA programs have been designed to develop and refine a goaltender’s skills in a challenging and purposeful environment. The dynamic coaching staff includes multiple collegiate goalie coaches who bring a unique blend of coaching and playing experience ensuring every student receives a quality training experience.

    When participating in MEGA programs you can expect to learn not only the most current methods of goaltending but also give you the time and repetitions to discover which methods work best for you. In addition, MEGA coaches are passionate about developing the type of mental skills that will not only serve you well in the crease, but later in life as well

    Contact Us

    1850 105th Avenue NE
    Blaine, MN 55419