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State Tournament

We did it boys.  We met our goal we set when the season began.  As a team we met this goal.  As a team we need to continue to push our limits.

No matter how you slice it, you are part of a group that you will never forget.  We have gotten to this point with several ups and downs.  Yet, we have put ourselves in a good position to accomplish something special.  I am proud of you guys and proud of the way this has turned out.  

Enjoy the banquet, you deserve it.  Show up to the rink willing to give your team every ounce of energy and effort you have.  Where we go one, we go all.   


Minnetonka  Dec 11-13(2nd Place)

Hudson         Jan 9-11(2nd Place)

Superior        Feb 13-15(2nd Place)

Somerset   Feb 20-22(2nd Place)

Donavon Bump


Phone: 651 491 4706

Brett Navarro


Phone: 612-490-2017

Avery Griffin


Tyler Hanson


Justin O'brien