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Mites & Girls 8U Program Information

Mite/8U Registration Information


Our Mite and 8U Programs are broken down by levels. As you register your son or daughter, make sure to enter the correct birthdate and that will guide you to the right level. See the age chart below for more information. 

Please note:

  • Most players are assigned to a level based on USA Hockey's age chart below.
  • Level 3 vs. Level 4 and U82 vs. U83 will be determined by evaluation scores. 
  • Mite 2 will have one informal eval skate to try to even out teams.
  • There will be no evals for Termites, Mite 1, and U81. 
  • Eval schedule will be set after registration closes.
  • All teams are structured with the goal of parity among teams at a level. 
  • Most players will only skate at a level once.  So if a player skated in Termites last year, they likely will move to Mite 1/U81 this year. There are exceptions in some cases. 
  • Players should only skate Termites when they are in their first year of hockey and in one of the youngest two birthdate ranges. If they are new to hockey, but born before 6/1/2016, they will skate at their regularly listed level.
  • While most players will play in one of the levels listed for their birthdate range, we will move players to other levels when it's deemed appropriate by the Mite Director, commissioners, and other coaches. 
  • If your son is interested in playing goalie, please note that on the registration. Mite 3/4 and U83 skaters might have the chance to register as a full/semi-full-time goalie.

If you have further questions, please email the Mite Director.


2022-23 Boys Mite Level Guidelines

Level Eligible Birthdates
Termites 6/1/2016 - 5/31/2018 + First year with SAHA
Level I 6/1/2015 - 5/31/2017
Level II 6/1/2014 - 5/31/2016
Level III 6/1/2013 - 5/31/2015
Level IV 6/1/2013 - 5/31/2015

2022-23 Girls 8U Level Guidelines

Level Eligible Birthdates
Termites 6/1/2016 - 5/31/2018 + First year in SAHA
8U1 6/1/2015 - 5/31/2017
8U2 6/1/2014 - 5/31/2016
8U3 6/1/2013 - 5/31/2015

2022/2023 Season Key Dates

Registration Opens: Early August 2022

Registration Closes: October 7, 2022 (Except Termites - this will stay open until we reach out maximum capacity of skaters)

Evaluations: October 12-16, 2022

Team Notifications: October 18-19, 2022

First Practices: October 28-October 30, 2022

Thanksgiving Tournament: TBD

Mite/8U Jamboree:  March 11-12, 2022

Final Weekend: March 11-12, 2022



FRI, 10/14 5:45-6:45 @ Rec South FRI, 10/14 6:55-7:55 @ Rec South SAT, 10/15 1:45-3:55 @ Rec South SAT, 10/15 4:05-6:15 @ Rec South
Armstrong Krueger Alm Junker
Lopez B. Anderson Kallas
Berdahl Mathias McManimon Ketchum
Bottini McGath R. Anderson Klug
Campbell McGuire Appert Knoop
Chelbeck Montpetit Kraske
Coffman Mordick Bieniek Krenz
Cox Oconnor Bohnen Lagos
Olson Budde Linell
Darvell Pearson Jr. Buivid Long
Determann Peterson Bushman Marks
Doane Roach Decorsey Mcharg
Domin Sauer Deegan Ness
Dyck Schaaf Delmonico Peterson
Farr H. Schultz Determann Quinn
Fischer Q. Schultz Dox Ridl
Forliti Seelhammer Duerschmidt Roemer
Forstner Shives Dvorak Schoenecker
Frojkner Sierakowski Elam Schouveller
Gear Simmet Elias Sonnek
Ginter Skogen Eveland Starsky
Grosso Souter Fischer Stewart
Hall Stockness Forstner Stockness
Hanson Thomas Geiger Strong
Hill Thompson Gilpin Sturgis
Hopkins Tiesling Gust Swenson
Jensen Wagner C. Hastings Taylor
Johnson Wheeler Hausauer Travis
Hinderks Tufte
Hoffman Walz
E. Johnson Wendel
Jones Wilson
Jordan Zacheretti
Joseph Ziebell
Magill Zintl
Belde Priester
L. Hastings (Goalie) Palmer (Goalie)
Montpetit (Goalie) Roach (Goalie)


U8 2/3 A U8 2/3 B
SUN, 10/16, 2:15-4:25 @ Rec South SUN, 10/16, 4:35-6:45 @ Rec South
Bjornline Braunhausen
Breimhurst Cashman
Budde Clark
Bushman Donohue
Cooney B. Elias
T. Elias Forstner
Engesser Gotch
Fatheree Griffin
Fosse Haase
Hood Haider
Hopkins Holzinger
Junker C. Kreyer
Kaufenberg K. Kreyer
Koenig Kaufman
Kowalski Kotval
Lohmann Lecker
Long Mcalpine
Martin Mccarty
Noah Mcneill
Oehlke Mowdy
Paulson Oppelt
Peterson Reynolds
Rick Salzmann
Roemer Seraphine
Ross Storlie
Scott Thomas
Selb G. Vigeant
Smith L. Vigeant
Williams Villarreal
Woefel Wagner
Ziemer Woods


FRIDAY 10/14 SATURDAY 10/15 SUNDAY 10/16
Mite 2 Group A: 5:45 Mite 3/4 Group A Skills: 1:45 U8 2/3 Group A Skills: 2:15
Mite 2 Group B: 6:55 Mite 3/4 Group A Scrimmage: 2:55 U8 2/3 Group A Scrimmage: 3:25
Mite 3/4 Group B Skills: 4:05 U8 2/3 Group B Skills: 4:35
Mite 3/4 Group B Scrimmage: 5:15 U8 2/3 Group B Scrimmage: 5:45


The goal of our Mite eval process is to assure players are at the right level and make parity between teams at each level.

- Players will be issued a numbered jersey. Players must return the jersey before leaving the ice on their final tryout.

- Players shall wear a helmet with NO IDENTIFYING TEAM MARKINGS or STICKERS (AAA, Teams Names, etc).  

- NO TEAM NAMES allowed on helmets, breezers or breezer covers. 

- Wear all your standard hockey equipment including mouth guards.

- No players will be allowed to move eval groups.

- If you can't make your scheduled eval time, please email the initiation director. 

Welcome to SAHA'S Mite & 8U Program

We are excited to welcome our newest members to SAHA and welcome back our returning players advancing in the next stage of their development. As we begin a new season, we wanted to share some exciting developments to our program. 

Our initiation program will ensure we are providing an amazing, fun experience for all our athletes—regardless of ability or background. From our top-level players to absolute beginners, all of our players should feel they have a place in our program, can grow as players and people, and, most importantly, have as much fun as possible. 

We believe in the player development wheel. When players have fun, they work hard. When they work hard, they get better. When they get better, they have fun. And thus the cycle repeats. But the key is you have to begin with fun. 

Our mite and U8 programs are the gateways for everything that comes after this---hockey and beyond. We will work hard to ensure our players fall in love with hockey and continue to come back year-after-year. Together, we can make that happen.

Go Ponies!

SAHA Mite & 8U Core Beliefs

  1. We will direct our coaches to the best way of teaching kids hockey fundamentals and the lifelong lessons associated with being a class act athlete. We will advise our coaches to teach the kids to respect and listen to coaches, be kind to their peers, and give exceptional effort. When that cycle of behavior takes place, it creates a positive path to success and enjoyment for the kids.

  2. The beginning years of hockey is where a child will decide if they enjoy the sport or not. We want give every child a chance to enjoy this game and come to the rink with a smile on their face. Whether their hockey journey lasts one year, three years of for a lifetime, at SAHA, we put all our resources around making sure the kids have fun!

  3. We do not allow for the practice of early move-ups for our Mite/8U eligible players. The Initiation program will implement a proven path for progression that is set by USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey. 

  4. We expect all SAHA members to respect the sport and all the stakeholders involved in it. As coaches and parents, we are their main role models, so we must act the part. The Initiation years should be filled with making friends for the kids and the families. We should all work for the good of the program to make this happen.  

  5. We will perform a skills assessment at the beginning of the season to determine player placement within the eligible levels. This process groups players first by age, then by skill level—with the sole intention or properly placing the player at the appropriate level to ensure long-term success. 

  6. Our Beginner Mite Program will benefit from the experience of several talented returning coaches. This process, in addition to ensuring an appropriate number of players and coaches on the ice at a given session, will allow us to match our development curriculum with the appropriate skill level of our newest players.

  7. We will continue to enhance the Mite/8U development experience by taking advantage of Minnesota Hockey’s rule change which provides our Upper Mite/8U’s with the opportunity to participate in a reasonable number of cross-ice games, up to 6 full ice games, and a sanctioned Mite/8U tournament. This includes competitive events with other teams in District 2. 

The initiatives for this season are the result of a thorough evaluation of our Mite/8U program and our continued commitment to providing our players with the best development experience possible.

If you have any questions on which level might be appropriate for your son or daughter, please feel free to contact the Mite Director. We will also be posting more information including the specific dates and times of the evaluations after registration closes. 

Jeff Neidt

EMAIL: (preferred)
PHONE: 651-398-1024

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to play hockey?

The recommended age for children who are entering the program for the first time must be 4 years of age as of June 1 of the year entering the program. Please see the Boys Mite and Girls 8U Guidelines above for more information on the appropriate level for your child.

 Does my child have to know how to skate to participate in the SAHA Hockey program?

The Termite program is designed to teach kids the fundamental skills that are required to play the sport of hockey. Skating is the most important skill and is heavily emphasized throughout the mites and U8 programs. If your son or daughter has no skating experience, we highly recommend signing your son or daughter up for the St. Croix Valley Recreations Center's Learn to Skate Programs prior to signing up. More information here:

How do I register my child?

Boys (mites) and girls (8U) MUST register ONLINE by clicking on the SAHA registration link on this page. NOTE: All registrations for the SAHA hockey program must be accompanied by a USA Hockey Registration confirmation AND a copy of the official birth certificate for the participant. If your child participated in the SAHA last year, we have a birth certificate on file. If your child is new to the program, USA Hockey requires us to get and keep get a copy of the child’s birth certificate before processing the registration forms. 

Do I need to live in the Stillwater School District?

Generally yes. However, if you reside outside of the 834 ISD boundaries but your child is enrolled in an 834 ISD and you intend to keep your kids in the Stillwater School District, you can request a waiver to play hockey for Stillwater.    

At what level should I sign up my child?

Please see the Boys Mite and Girls 8U Guidelines above for more information on the appropriate level for your child.

Will my child be placed with other children from his/her school? Can I sign my child up with a friend?

We try, but do not guarantee that a child will play with others from the same school or friends. It is dependent upon number of teams, number of children registered, etc.  

Why are the fees higher for each respective Level?

The amount of ice time is increased at each level.

What do my fees include?  Are there any other costs or "team fees" that I will need to pay later in the year?

The registration fees for Termites, Level I / 8U1, and Level II / 8U2 cover all fees. Level III / 8U3, and Level IV will be assessed a program fee after the player skills assessment process is complete.  Further, teams are not allowed to charge team fees without approval from the Initiation Director.  The most common instance for team fees is if a team decides to have an end-of-season party, awards, etc. These costs are not covered in your registration fee.  You do of course need to supply your own equipment for your child as the fees do not cover individual equipment.

What is the refund policy if my child doesn’t like it?

Refunds are available until Dec 1st.  If you decide to cancel before December 1, you will receive 50% of your registration money back. 

How long does the season run?

The season begins in late October / early November and ends in late February or early March.

How often do they practice?

Number of skates varies by team and week. Typically, practices for the younger levels are on Saturdays and Sundays. The older levels will have Friday and some weekday ice. 

Is hockey equipment provided?

No. You will need to get proper hockey gear for your child prior to playing in any SAHA program.

Additional Information

Click Here for what equipment is required!

Mites and 8U players must wear full gear. Click above for a complete list of what is needed. You can purchase these items at most sporting good stores in the area. A complete set of equipment (excluding skates) should cost under $200.