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U12 Tryout Info


Congratulations! The following players have been placed on the U12A team with first practice on 10/3 at 2:15pm on the South Rink.

Alayna Zanon
Audrey Hackler
Brynne Laska
Dillan Reardon
Elin Karkula
Emma Chard
Grace Kemp (Goalie)
Isabelle McKenzie
Kelsey Rose
Madylyn Richert
Mariah Hooten
Parker Reardon
Sienna Barthelemy
Zola Tuccitto


If your player does not appear above, they are on one of the U12B1 teams.  These teams will be posted here by Saturday 10/3 at 10am.  First practices for all U12B1 teams are on Sunday 10/4 in the afternoon.  Please bring your tryout jersey to the first practice and return to your coach.

U12B1 White   U12B1 Black   U12B1 Red
Abigail Kowalski   Adelyn Howe   Adelyn Walz (G)
Annalise Bispala   Annika Gossai   Ava DeCorsey
Annika Williams   Audrey Simonet   Elaina Longnecker
Avery Axel   Ayla Seeger   Ella Kallas
Cecelia Lamey   Chloe Knowlan   Emily Stein
Clara Wipperfurth   Echo Swett   Emma Laming
Gretta Guth   Etta Peterson   Evelyn Levieska (G)
Haley Solnitzky (G) Faith Tursso   Grace Garvin
Maisie Rix   Gabriella Whisler   Hailey Mohs Plotts
Mya Irlbeck   Natalie Donnay   Jacklyn Richert
Riley Carroll   Ruby Peterson   Jillian Maddux
Roxi Simones   Sedona Stumpf   Kaelyn Holmen
Savanna Cheney   Wynter Cunningham (G)   Lydia Ostrander
Sydney Kaeding (G)     Makenna McNaull
        Milanna Lobinsky
Coach Kevin Irlbeck Coach Lance Cunningham Coach Damen Lobinsky

Player Information

- Players will be issued a numbered jersey at Phase 1 of tryouts

- Players shall wear a helmet with NO IDENTIFYING TEAM MARKINGS or STICKERS (AAA, Teams Names, etc).  

- NO TEAM NAMES allowed on helmets, breezers or breezer covers. 

- Socks must be standard issued SAHA socks (previous seasons) or black, red or white practice socks. 

- Both socks must be the same color (Must wear matching socks).  

- Wear all your standard hockey equipment including mouth guards.

- No hockey bags allowed inside the arena... except goalies.

U12 Red Group

First Last
Natalie Donnay
Grace Garvin
Audrey Hackler
Mya Irlbeck
Ella Kallas
Cecelia Lamey
Jillian Maddux
Lydia Ostrander
Dillan Reardon
Maisie Rix
Kelsey Rose
Gabriella Whisler
Clara Wipperfurth


First Last
Sienna Barthelemy
Riley Carroll
Emma Chard
Chloe Knowlan
Makenna Mcnaull
Etta Peterson
Madylyn Richert
Ayla Seeger
Audrey Simonet
Zola Tuccitto
Faith Tursso
Alayna Zanon


First Last
Savanna Cheney
Ava Decorsey
Gretta Guth
Hannah Handley
Kaelyn Holmen
Adelyn Howe
Elin Karkula
Brynne Laska
Elaina Longnecker
Hailey Mohs Plotts
Parker Reardon
Roxi Simones
Sedona Stumpf


First Last
Avery Axel
Annalise Bispala
Annika Gossai
Mariah Hooten
Abigail Kowalski
Emma Laming
Milanna Lobinsky
Isabelle Mckenzie
Ruby Peterson
Jackylyn Richert
Emily Stein
Echo Swett
Annika Williams

Goalie Scrimmage 9/26/20

3:35 - 4:35pm:  Wynter Cunningham, Evie Leiviska,  Adelyn Walz

4:45 - 5:45pm: Sydney Kaeding, Grace Kemp, Haley Solnitzky

Brad Goulet

U12 Coordinator


Date Start Time End Time Location EventType
09/15/2020 5:20 PM 6:20 PM Somerset Ice Arena Goalie Tryout
09/20/2020 12:50 PM 1:50 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South PreSkate Black & Gold Groups
9/20/2020 2:00 PM 3:00 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South PreSkate Red & White Groups
09/24/2020 5:45 PM 6:45 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Drills Red & White Groups (Goalies not required)
09/24/2020 6:55 PM 7:55 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Drills Black & Gold Groups (Goalies not required)
09/26/2020 3:35 PM 4:35 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Scrimmage Black & White Groups
09/26/2020 4:45 PM 5:45 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Scrimmage Red & Gold Groups
09/27/2020 11:40 AM 12:40 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 2
09/27/2020 12:50 PM 1:50 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 2
09/29/2020 8:05 PM 9:05 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 3 - Scrimmage

 Tryout dates are subject to change. Please make note of the dates and times for your player's level and plan accordingly.   If dates or times change, you will be notified via email.  PLEASE remember to check website often for changes and further communication.  Thank you.

Tryout jerseys will be issued at the first tryout.  All skaters are REQUIRED to wear red, white or black hockey socks during tryouts. Players will have the same tryout number for the duration of tryouts.