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U15 Tryout Info


U15A Black   U15A Red   U15B
Ashlyn Hoff   Alexis Ryberg   Abby Liberty
Ann McGlynn   Brielle Sanders   Abigail Wenzel
Ava Mosley   Cecilia Tuccitto   Aida Bonneson
Avery Irlbeck   Ella Wenzel (Goalie)   Annie Gabriel
Brooke Miller   Ellianna Goulet   Ava Aspengren
Cassidy Keykal   Gretchen Wenner   Ava Bies
Ceira Garrity   Jonna Swanson   Cody Rasch
Grace Cheney   Lauren Barbaris   Crimson Keykal
Hailey Olson   Lilian Novotny   Isabelle Proechel (Goalie)
Haley Gray   Madeleine Williams   Jessica Lynch
Olivia DeJarnett   Maya Schroeder   Kayliana Villalva
Olivia Williams   Megan Boser   Lauren Nelson
Riley Robinson   Milena Sandstrom (Goalie)   Maria Drompp
Zoe Laming (Goalie)   Sophia Hauer   Payton Ryberg
    Torrance Lobinsky   Ryo Davis (Goalie)


Please return your tryout jersey to your coach at your teams first practice.  

U15A Black 10/17 at 5:25pm North Rink

U15A Red 10/17 at 4:35pm South Rink

U15B 10/17 at 5:45pm South Rink

Player Information

- Players will be issued a numbered jersey at Phase 1 of tryouts... PLAYERS MUST BRING THEIR OWN JERSEY TO WEAR FOR PRESKATE.

- Players shall wear a helmet with NO IDENTIFYING TEAM MARKINGS or STICKERS (AAA, Teams Names, etc).  

- NO TEAM NAMES allowed on helmets, breezers or breezer covers. 

- Socks must be standard issued SAHA socks (previous seasons) or black, red or white practice socks. 

- Both socks must be the same color (Must wear matching socks).  

- Wear all your standard hockey equipment including mouth guards.

- No hockey bags allowed inside the arena... except goalies.

U15 Red Group

First Name Last Name
Grace Cheney
Olivia Dejarnett
Abby Liberty
Ava Mosley
Lauren Nelson
Lilian Novotny
Payton Ryberg
Maya Schroeder
Kayliana Villalva
Madeleine Williams

U15 Black Group

First Name Last Name
Aida Bonneson
Annie Gabriel
Sophia Hauer
Avery Irlbeck
Cassidy Keykal
Torrance Lobinsky
Ann Mcglynn
Riley Robinson
Jonna Swanson
Gretchen Wenner

U15 White Group

First Name Last Name
Ava Aspengren
Megan Boser
Maria Drompp
Haley Gray
Ashlyn Hoff
Jessica Lynch
Brooke Miller
Alexis Ryberg
Brielle Sanders
Abigail Wenzel

U15 Gold Group

First Name Last Name
Lauren Barbaris
Ava Bies
Ceira Garrity
Ellianna Goulet
Crimson Keykal
Hailey Olson
Cody Rasch
Cecilia Tuccitto
Olivia Williams




Angie Griffin

U15 Coordinator



Date Start Time End Time Location EventType
09/15/2020 5:20 PM 6:20 PM Somerset Ice Arena Goalie Tryout
10/09/2020 6:55 PM 7:55 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South PreSkate Black & Gold Groups
10/09/2020 8:05 PM 9:05 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South PreSkate Red & White Groups
10/10/2020 4:35 PM 5:35 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Drills Red & White Groups (Goalies not required)
10/10/2020 5:45 PM 6:45 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Drills Black & Gold Groups (Goalies not required)
10/12/2020 6:55 PM 8:25 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 1 - Scrimmage All Players - Including goalies
10/13/2020 7:25 PM 8:25 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 2
10/13/2020 8:35 PM 9:35 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 2
10/14/2020 6:55 PM 7:55 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Tryout Phase 3 - Final Scrimmage

Tryout jerseys will be issued at the first tryout.  All skaters are REQUIRED to wear red, white or black hockey socks during tryouts. Players will have the same tryout number for the duration of tryouts.  


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