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Financial Aid Process and Application

2013-2014 Financial Aid Applications

FA applications are being accepted for the 2013-2014 season for
Mini-Mite and Mite/8U players.  

Application process is CLOSED for Squirt/10U players and older.  
Deadline was July 26.

Applications received AFTER the July 26, 2013 deadline will be considered based on the availability of any remaining unallocated funds.   FUNDS ARE LIMITED.  

*Applications will NOT be accepted from members with past due fees from the 2012-2013 season or prior seasons.  Members must be in good financial standing with SAHA in order to be considered for financial aid.  

QUESTIONS:  Please contact the SAHA Financial Aid Coordinator, Jen McCurdy at ajmccurdy@comcast.net or call 651-439-3456. 

Financial Aid Application Process

Applicants MUST contact the Financial Aid Coordinator and submit an application PRIOR to completing online registration.  All SAHA members receiving financial assistance will require a special discount code in order to proceed with registration.  All payments will be collected using a credit/debit card or Paypal via the online registration process.  NO CHECK PAYMENT PLANS will be accepted.


Please DO NOT proceed with player registration until you have…
  1. Contacted the Financial Aid Coordinator.
  2. Reviewed, completed, signed, and submitted the SAHA Financial Aid Guidelines and Application to the Financial Aid Coordinator.
  3. Received acknowledgment and confirmation of financial assistance from the Financial Aid Coordinator. 
  4. Received a discount code. 


Financial Assistance Program Guidelines and Application 2013-2014



a. Primary: Provide hockey exposure to young players who otherwise may not have the opportunity to try the sport at a young age due to financial constraints under the provisions of the financial assistance program.

b. Secondary: Support SAHA players through temporary financial limitations.


Financial Assistance Fund:

The Financial Assistance Fund is comprised of financial aid donations and SAHA donations.  SAHA donations are determined at the discretion of the SAHA board when reviewing the annual budget.  Financial assistance does not cover any team fees.  Financial assistance will be granted on a per season basis.  Applicants must reapply each season to be considered for financial assistance.  This is not designed as an annual subsidy, and is limited to 2 years per player.   


Eligibility for Financial Assistance:

a. The applicant must be in good financial standing with SAHA and exhibit a general financial need.

b. Preference will be given to those applicants whose families qualify for public assistance programs such as school lunch subsidies, medical assistance and unemployment insurance.  Additional consideration will be given to applicants experiencing long-term hardship circumstances.

c. The applicant will be asked to donate time to help with their financial request by providing volunteer hours to SAHA to help offset their financial needs.

d. The total amount granted will be evaluated case by case and will not exceed the donations. 


Application Process:
a. Applicants must submit a confidential Financial Assistance Application (provided below) and provide the name and phone number of a "sponsor".  A sponsor is a person who has knowledge of your current needs and financial situation.


Applications must be received no later than Friday, JULY 26, 2013 to the following address:



            Attn: Financial Assistance Coordinator

            1675 Market Drive, Suite B

            Stillwater, MN 55082


b. The Financial Assistance Committee, which consists of the SAHA President, Registrar, Treasurer, and Financial Assistant Coordinator will review all applications.  Financial assistance will be granted based on eligibility, the total number of applicants, the amount of available funds, and other factors considered relevant by the committee.


c. The Financial Assistance Committee reserves the right to request additional information.


d. Applicant’s names and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential.  Only the Financial Assistance Committee will review the applications.


e. All decisions of the Financial Assistance Committee are final; there is no appeal process.


Contact SAHA Financial Assistance Coordinator, Jen McCurdy at ajmccurdy@comcast.net or 651-439-3456 if you have any questions.