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Squirt Tryouts

Squirt C Teams

Below are the Squirt C teams. Thank you to the coaches for stepping up!!! Have a great year!

  Squirt C Red     Squirt C Black  
  Jacob Koepp     NOAH CHRISTNER  
  Benjamin Quast     Leighton Lipp  
  Andres Solorzano     Kassius Junker  
  Joseph Quast     JAMIS LIPP  
  Anders Sanchez     DANIEL BAKKE  
  Ian Lilla     Liam Gilman  
  Ethan Imhoff     JACK PELTIER  
  Breck Meissner     Keegan Smith Coach - Jeremy
Kyle - Co Coach Declan Oshea     Trygg Arden Macguffie  
  Elijah Simons     Ben Peterson  
  William Ester     RYLEY SCHOUVELLER Coach - Ryan
  Patrick Bryant     Jameson McGuire  
  RUXSON ULRICK     Joseph Berdahl  
asst coach CHARLES KETCHUM     Lagos - Goalie  


Squirt B 2 Teams

Squirt B2 teams posted below. C teams to be posted ASAP. Looking for C coaches, so if your name is not on this list, please let me know if you want to coach 

Coach Pete Johnston   Coaches Bettin and Kaufenberg
  Squirt B2 Red     Squirt B2 Black
  Ayden Volker     BRAYDEN SMITH
  Bennett Williams     Briggs Weiss
  Blake McNeill     Carson Ward
  Champ - Goalie     Donovan Dockendorf
  Elijah Bartlett     DYLAN JOHNSON
  Ethan Larson     Hamilton - Goalie
  Gabriel Johnston     HUNTER MAGILL
  Grahm Singerhouse     Jayden Freundschuh
  Henrick Korba     KAIMANA ANDERSON
  Jameson Dox     KEKOA ANDERSON
  Lou Appert     Koby Hanson
  Riley Nix     Kye Kaufenberg
        McCoy Wolfe
  William Bailey     Wesley Massich
  William Froehle     WILLIAM MELLICK

Squirt B1 Teams

Squirt B1 Teams Posted below. B2 and C2 to be posted in the coming days. 

Squirt B1 Red     Squirt B1 Black
Darwitz - Goalie     Neidt - Goalie
Ben Karkula     Anton Tuccitto
BOZE JORDAN     Brady Cox 
Brayden Anderson     Jackson Souter
Caleb Seichter     Jacob Lunan
Evan Kreyer     Joseph Lamey
Grayson Henson     Leighton Oswald
Henry Helgerson     PATRICK CASHMAN
Louie Rothmund     Ryker Johnson
Nolan Salzmann     Samuel Lamey
Samuel Dombrovski     Thomas Garvin
Taggert Melander     Thomas Tiesling
William Hauck     Thomie Wilson
Wyatt Walther     VINCENT GROSSO

Squirt A Team

Congratulations to the following players for making the Squirt A Team. Your coach will be contacting you

If your name is not on this list, congratulations you will be placed on a Squirt B1 Team. 

Bentley Mattson     Jacob Perunovich
Calvin Rick     Jax Howe
Davis Longnecker     Logan McMann
Dylan Malone     Nolan Loing
Griffen Johnson     Thomas Hastings
Huck Teigen     William Finnegan
Jackson McAlpine     Wyatt Irlbeck

Squirt B Groups

Group 1   Group 2
Andres Solorzano   Ayden Volker
Benjamin Quast   Beckham Bettin
Blake McNeill   Ben Karkula
Briggs Weiss   Blake Ginter
Daniel Bakke   BOZE JORDAN
Elijah Simons   Caleb Seichter
Grahm Singerhouse   Dylan Johnson
KobyHanson   Elijah Bartlett
Leighton Lipp   Ethan Imhoff

Liam Gilman

Ruxson Ulrick

  Ethan Larson
Ryker Johnson   Gabriel Johnston
Taggert Melander   Keegan Smith
Trygg Arden Macguffie   Riley Nix
Wesley Massich   RYAN UELAND
William Froehle   Thomie Wilson



Group 3   Group #4   Goalies
ALEXANDER WHITE   Bennett Williams   Champ
Anders Sanchez   BRAYDEN SMITH   Hamilton
Brady Cox   Breck Meissner   Lagos
BRADY MISHLER   Carson Ward    
Charles Ketchum   Declan Oshea    
Evan Kreyer   Donovan Dockendorf    
HUNTER MAGILL   Grayson Henson    
Ian lilla   Henrick Korba    
Jacob Koepp   JACK PELTIER    
Jameson Dox   Jackson Souter    
Jamis Lipp   Jayden Treundschuh    
Kaimana Anderson   Joseph Quast    
Kekoa Anderson   Kassius Junker    
NOAH CHRISTNER   Kye Kaufenberg    
 Patrick Bryant   Lou Appert    
Thomas Garvin   McCoy Wolfe    
William Bailey   Ryley Shouveller    

Squirt A Final Pool

If your jersey # is below, you will be participating in the final tryout, please report to the rec center on Saturday, 10/1 at 5:30. If your # is not below, you will be placed on one of the B1 teams.

7   43
13   44
20   49
22   53
23               58
25   59
31   62
32   63
34   101
38   102
39   Goalie #3
    Goalie #6

Squirt A Small pool

If your # appears below, please report to the small pool scrimmage, Wednesday, 9/28. You will not go back through the B tryouts. 

If your # does not appear below, please report to the B tryouts on 10/2.

Group 1 Group 2
7 22
13 23
20 24
27 25
32 30
35 31
37 34
38 39
44 42
48 43
53 49
58 56
62 59
63 64
101 66
Goalie #5 102
Goalie #6 Goalie #3

Squirt Tryout Schedule

Tryout Type Start End Facility Format
Goalie Tryout Squirt 9/16/22 6:30 PM 9/16/22 7:29 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Goalies Only
Squirt A Tryout 9/24/22 12:40 PM 9/24/22 1:40 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Skills Groups 1 & 2 no goalies
Squirt A Tryout 9/24/22 1:50 PM 9/24/22 2:50 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Skills Groups 3 & 4 no goalies
Squirt A Tryout 9/25/22 12:55 PM 9/25/22 1:55 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Large Pool Scrimmage Groups 1 vs 3 + goalies
Squirt A Tryout 9/25/22 2:05 PM 9/25/22 3:05 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Large Pool Scrimmage Groups 2 vs 4 + goalies
Squirt A Tryout - 9/28/22 5:45 PM 9/28/22 6:45 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Small Pool Scrimmage All + goalies
Squirt A Tryout - 10/1/22 5:55 PM 10/1/22 6:55 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Final Session All + goalies
Squirt B Tryout 10/2/22 4:35 PM 10/2/22 5:35 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Skills Groups 1 & 2 no goalies
Squirt B Tryout 10/2/22 5:45 PM 10/2/22 6:45 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Skills Groups 3 & 4 no goalies
Squirt B Tryout 10/4/22 5:45 PM 10/4/22 6:45 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Scrimmage Group 3 & 4 + goalies
Squirt B Tryout 10/4/22 6:55 PM 10/4/22 7:55 PM Rec/St. Croix TCO South Scrimmage Group 1 & 2 + goalies

 Tryout dates are subject to change.   Please make note of the dates and times for your player's level and plan accordingly.  If schedule changes, all registered players will be notified via email.