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Squirt Tryouts

Squirt C Teams

C Red   C Black
Bear Atkinson   Alex  Aspengren
Elias Aune   Kenan Berry
Gaige  Dudgeon   Brandon Dustin
Mason King   Olin Gaul
Theodore  Lickness   Shawn Gorman
Maverik Martens   Sawyer Johnson
Andrew Mathe   Max  Lecker
Cooper Menzies   Bennett Macrie
Macklin Morrow   Noah Pagel
Owen Myers   Brody Pavel
Bergen Palmer   Braydon Pearson
Casey  Skuza   Jack Smithberg
Braden Vindal   Owen Swendra
Barrett Weiss   Dominick Tamburo
Joseph  Whitehead   Isaac Ziemer
Alexander Woelfel      

Squirt B2 Team

Congratulations to the following players for making the Squirt B2 team, f your name doesn’t appear, please be at the C evaluation @ 5:45 tomorrow, 10/12
Karson Alberts   Lucas  Loehr
Carson Anderson   Jesse  Maddux
Andrew Boser   Jacob  Mazanec
Evan  Ewald   Jose  Rentschler
Mathew  Harvey   Leo  Sandell
Mikko  Houge   Elias  Schilling
Ethen Johnson   Tryston Sundgaard
Alexander Kill   Owen Teply
      Carter Weis

Squirt B1 Teams

If your name does not appear below please report to the Squirt B2/C skate on Friday @ 5:45

B1 Black   B1 Red
Harrison Duffee   Cody  Barrett
Vaughn Fatheree   Tate Batchelor
Matthew Fox   Axel Diehl
Edward Galles   Chase Edstrom
Weston Grilz   Luca Frascone
Rylan Hoffman   Beckett Fredenberg
Luca Jarvis   Cooper Gosso
Keiran Jones   Henry Hanson
Jadon McKenzie   Joseph Howe
Austin Novotny   Oliver  Ligday
Brennan Peterson   Patrick McCloskey
Brendon Rickheim   Liam McGlynn
Merek Schwartz   Brady Schneider
Jack Taube   Grayson Schoenecker
Nicholas Verby   Jake Taverna
Ryder Wylie   Joe  Williams

Player Information

- Players will be issued an under jersey and pinnie  

- Players shall wear a helmet with NO IDENTIFYING TEAM MARKINGS or STICKERS (AAA, Teams Names, etc).  

- NO TEAM NAMES allowed on helmets, breezers or breezer covers. 

- Socks must be standard issued SAHA socks (previous seasons) or black, red or white practice socks. 

- Both socks must be the same color (Must wear matching socks).  

- Wear all your standard hockey equipment including mouth guards.

- Check your hockey bag each day before tryouts.

 Tryout dates are subject to change.   Please make note of the dates and times for your player's level and plan accordingly.  If schedule changes, all registered players will be notified via email.