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Squirt A Tryout Groups

Squirt A Small Pool Inter-squad Scrimmage 10/1

Below are the groupings for the inter-squad scrimmage on 10/1, please report to the rec center @ 6:35, Please note that group 1 will be wearing their red jerseys and group 2 will be wearing white

Group 1 Red   Group 2 White
Brady Schoenrock   Andrew Willhuas
Brody Krieger   Beckett Fredenberg
Crosby Rankin   Brady Schmidt
Everett Abrams   Brandon Dustin
Gavin Gust   Charlie Geisbauer
Henry Zirbes   Daniel Mcgrath
Hudson Reinhart (Goalie)   Hughes Fleming
Jack Magill   Jackson Ryberg
Jakob Bjornlie   JOHN OSHEA
Jax Dorff   Kane Wanderschnider (Goalie)
Jonah Johnston   Landon Mehlhorn
Kade Vanek   Leo Lecker
Lincoln Talcott (Goalie)   Lincoln Purcell
Lucas Pearl   Lucas  Kohler (Goalie)
Peyton Holbeck   Luka Vanek
Ryker Ketcham   Lukas Bjornlie
Tyson Pavel   Matthew Mueller
Will Hicks   Michael Belde
    Oliver Deruyck (Goalie)

Squirt A Inter-Squad Scrimmage Pool

Congratulations to the following players who are advancing in the squirt A tryouts. These skaters are guaranteed placement on a B1 or higher team. However, this does not apply to goalies, they are not guaranteed a level placement at this time. Please report to the rec center on Thursday, 10/1 @ 6:30pm, If your name does not appear below, please report to the B tryouts.

Andrew Willhuas   Jonah Johnston
Beckett Fredenberg   Kade Vanek
Brady Schmidt   Kane Wanderschnider
Brady Schoenrock   Landon Mehlhorn
Brandon Dustin   Leo Lecker
Brody Krieger   Lincoln Purcell
Charlie Geisbauer   Lincoln Talcott
Crosby Rankin   Lucas Pearl
Daniel Mcgrath   Lucas  Kohler
Everett Abrams   Luka Vanek
Gavin Gust   Lukas Bjornlie
Henry Zirbes   Matthew Mueller
Hudson Reinhart   Michael Belde
Hughes Fleming   Oliver Deruyck
Jack Magill   Peyton Holbeck
Jackson Ryberg   Ryker Ketcham
Jakob Bjornlie   Tyson Pavel
Jax Dorff   Will Hicks
John Oshea